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Protecting People with Advanced


A Growing Problem

Gun Violence in America

310 Million Guns

        A report published by the Congressional Research Service in 2012, estimated that approximately 310 million firearms were available to civilians in the United States. Gun Violence Archive has additional statistics that reveal a startling trend of increasing gun violence. 


       According to the website, 272 "mass shootings" occurred in 2016, where FOUR or more people were shot in a single incident. 330 mass shootings occurred in 2015. Click the map below to learn more.

Active Shooter Events

       A specific kind of mass shooting is called an "Active Shooter Event". The FBI defines an active shooter as an individual with a firearm actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill as many random people as possible in a populated public area. The number of Active Shooter events has risen in the last two years to 20 per year.

       There is no predicting when or where the next event will occur. 

Time is Critical 

       In a U.S. Department of Justice report that studied 160 Active Shooter Events between 2000 and 2013, 70% of incidences ended within the first 5 minutes, and nearly all of them ended  before the police arrived.  

       The time between "first shot" and "first responder" is critical. DeFi Technologies has developed a solution to mitigate loss and save lives when it matters most. 


Our Technology

The Shooter

Suppression System


Partner with us.

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Licensing opportunities are available to companies that provide Fire Protection or Security System Services.

Easy to install: "Plug & Play" technology that is a stand-alone security system.

Increase your product offering to your existing customers.

Play an important role in helping to reduce the impact of gun violence in America.

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Protect the people inside your building from gun violence. Install the Shooter Suppression System.  

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